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Enabling your collective purchasing power

Bursarnet is based on the simple and effective concept of strength in numbers.

Individual schools find it difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes impossible to achieve better buying terms from suppliers, particularly the larger ones. Many hundreds of schools exercising collective purchasing power represent an altogether more attractive proposition for suppliers of any size and stature.

This is the compelling advantage of Bursarnet. For businesses it offers a chance to gain real traction in a traditionally conservative sector. For schools, it offers an alternative procurement strategy, giving access to attractive discounts.

After launching in early 2013 we now represent just shy of 570 member schools, and 30 different pre-negotiated deals with trusted and vetted partners.

Measuring your operational efficiency KPIs

40-50% of expenditure is typically incurred in areas other than teacher pay. This includes heavy sums on estates, catering, utilities, & IT (inter alia). How efficient is this operational spend in comparison with similar schools?

Our opex benchmarking review examines 30 very granular KPIs, designed to flush out where the most significant opportunities lie in your non-teaching spend. Having now covered over 75 schools the data-set is highly revealing, both to bursars but also increasingly to heads and governors. 

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Tim Groves

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