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Terms and Conditions

  1. Bursarnet Limited shall also be known as “Bursarnet”.
  2. In using this site you are made expressly aware that Bursarnet is making no representations or warranties as to the suitability of any of our selected suppliers or products and services for use in your schools. We are merely providing you with more choice and price transparency. It is for you alone to decide on the best solution for your school.
  3. Bursarnet has no authority to bind any of its selected suppliers or negotiate on their behalf.
  4. You are also made aware that the information contained on our site is intended to be as simple as possible such that you understand the generic nature of the offers. There will always be some exceptions and exclusions, so you will find some cases where the discount on a particular item will differ from the generic discount we have quoted. For example, some suppliers exclude their purely promotional lines from the discount offer to Bursarnet members. If in any doubt, please contact us.
  5. There is no obligation on member institutions to make any purchases with Bursarnet selected suppliers.
  6. Any agreed preferential rates or agreement pricing negotiated on behalf of Bursarnet will be made available to all member institutions. This information is strictly confidential and shall not be revealed to any party outside Bursarnet.
  7. All member institutions of Bursarnet will allow their names to be put forward as Bursarnet members when Bursarnet is negotiating with suppliers.
  8. Any institution in the UK offering independent education will be allowed to join Bursarnet providing it agrees with these terms and conditions.
  9. Bursarnet members will be eligible to share in 50% of the pre-tax profits of Bursarnet, pro rata with their purchasing activities with Bursarnet suppliers in any given financial year.
  • In order to participate in this profit share Bursarnet members must firstly register their interest to participate (via Contact Us), have their participation confirmed by us, and record their spend (excluding VAT) with Bursarnet selected suppliers in the format set out by Bursarnet.
  • In cases of disagreement over the amount of spend between Bursarnet members and Bursarnet selected suppliers, Bursarnet’s decision will be final.
  • No member’s profit share can ever exceed 5% of their annual purchases with Bursarnet selected suppliers.
  • For ease of administration, only profit shares of >£250 will be paid out in any given year. Those too small to pay out will be grouped together and shared between two charities: Help for Heroes and the Royal National Children's Foundation.



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