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how about you getting a share in the upside?

Bursarnet is by design a very slim organisation comprising a small office, marketing & website costs, and quite a bit of travel. Initially our income may just cover our costs as we grow the membership. However, as more of you come on board and decide to take up the discounted offers from our chosen partners it should be the case that our income rises faster than our cost base. So what do we do with the surplus?

It seems to us that you should also share in this success as a part of it comes from your own increasing collective purchasing activities (the other part from our entrepreneurial flair). We will therefore pay a Collective Purchasing “Dividend” (CPD) of 50% of our pre-tax profits to our members, pro rata with their total purchasing via Bursarnet selected suppliers in any given calendar year. There are inevitably a few sensible conditions around this – please see our detailed Terms & Conditions.

Why are we offering this? Does this not sound rather generous? Put simply we would rather have a very small slice of a very large pie than a larger slice of a small pie. It was clear from our research that one of the challenges we face in putting your collective purchasing power to work is the tendency for you to spread your purchases across multiple suppliers. Schools typically have more suppliers than they do pupils...Why not consolidate your purchasing on fewer suppliers, knowing you are getting very good terms, and free-up time for more value-added tasks? The idea behind the CPD is to encourage you to consolidate more of your spend with Bursarnet suppliers. The more you do, the larger the dividend.

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