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You as a collective body of independent schools spend c.£3bn in running your schools (excluding teacher payroll) but this spend is spread across more than 2,000 schools. Thus, whilst your collective purchasing is huge, your individual purchasing is small. In negotiations with national suppliers you are individually “minnows” but collectively much more interesting. You of course know this, but up until now there has been no practical way of aggregating your volume.

Bursarnet’s role is to negotiate with national suppliers who are interested in addressing you collectively, and who are prepared to offer a pricing level worthy of your volume. We choose one exclusive partner for each key product or service, and in exchange for potential access to you as a group, our partners must offer group-level discounts to each member individually. In this way even the largest school can access a level of pricing far beyond its normal reach.

As part of this virtual group any member school can transact individually with our partners and access these benefits. There is NO commitment required from you, NO need to join with other schools in your purchasing activities, NO need to install any software. You simply decide if our deals are good enough in comparison with your existing suppliers, and if you find them better, you transact directly with our supplier. But at the very least you have a powerful benchmark.

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