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18 July, 2018

One-day estates review

One of the themes to emerge from our opex benchmarking work is the wide variation in estates cost per m2 of buildings. This can vary from as little as £17 (too little?) to £65 (certainly too much), which means that some schools are paying 4x the cost of other schools in annual maintenance, on very comparable estates.

In response to this, we have developed a one-day estates review where the objective is to have a closer look at the key functional areas of the estates team. This is carried out by my colleague Graham Orton, who has spent his entire career managing property in both the public and private sectors. His aim is to support your team by transferring some of the good things he has learnt, and to avoid replicating some of the bad, and thus to find the levers to help improve how school estates operate.

If you’re seeking some external input into how your estates operation is organised and structured, and want to know more about the programme, please get in touch.


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